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Wireless technology, useful or just plain security risk, through reading this you will learn different types of WLAN, wireless local access network, such as Bluetooth and HiperLAN2. A brief discussion on how you can use these to setup a security network will follow, along with a way to track trucks.

The first type of wireless to elaborate on is Bluetooth, which is really just starting to catch on and come packages with man different devices. Bluetooth is coming very quickly to cell phones. It is stated that Bluetooth will have sold three million dollars worth of compatible devices (Kaufman). Blue tooth is named after the Danish King Harold Bluetooth, who rained from 940 to 985 A.D. and united Denmark and Norway. Bluetooth uses a short wave radio frequency on a 2.4 GHz range (Lee).

The wireless LAN (WLAN) market is in its infancy as today's WLAN networks only cover relatively small areas and are not a full replacement for wired networks.

The demands put on WLAN technologies will increase when there is mass deployment not only in the enterprise, but in public hotspots as well as in homes, a large increase in the number of users putting additional strain on resources. In addition, technologies must be made better as companies need to have future application requirements, such as multimedia and interoperability with wide area mobile services. This is especially true for public network operators, who must plan for having installations and services running over at least a period of five to 10 years (Why).

The year 2000 saw the birth of the first WLAN technology, known as IEEE 802.11b, which ensures interoperability between different vendors' equipment. The Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA) established the WiFi logo as a means to certifying interoperability for 802.11b-based products and that was...