What Woman Wants is observed according to Ýnterpersonal relationship concepts like social relationships, social rules, social and cultural norms and social roles.

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There are lots of films that describe the relationship between man and woman. Of course, mostly romantic movies give us something to think about love and our romantic relationship. This movie offers humours, occasionally poignant view of men, women, sex, love, and friendship. Basically, film is about a man who works in an advertisement agency who called Nick Marshall. Several women: his ex-wife, his daughter (Ashley), his girlfriend in the cafe (Lola), his helper, his security woman and new creative director (Darcy), surround his life. Film s established on the relationships between these women and Nick. Nick is proud of himself. He has very much self-confidence and he thinks that he is excellent. He considers himself the king of the universe and he thinks that all women can go out with him and go to bed with him because of his appeal, good looking and self-confidence. He is very smart-alecky and snob.

A star at Sloan Curtis Advertising in Chicago, Nick is divorced (the small part of his ex played by Lauren Holly), and has a 15 year-old daughter (Ashley Johnson). He's not been much of a dad, though the artifice of his daughter staying with him for a while sets him up finally to spend time with her.

What jolts him out of complacency is Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt), who is hired by Mr. Wanamaker as the new creative director of the ad agency. (Alan Alda does one of the many cameos, as Wanamaker - a wonderfully fluent performance.) So the stud Marshall has to play second banana to this younger woman.

One of the factors responsible for the fluff factor is the premise of reading women's minds. For some reason involving fate and electricity, Nick is electrocuted - though not fatally - and acquires this at first overwhelming...