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Bertrand Russell in "The Conquest of Happiness" talked about that female are actually more passionate than male when comes to work. But in reality, there's much less females get into top managerial position than men does. What are the roles of female in a family business? By answering that, have to ask: what are the types of women in a family business?

Based on the level of involvement in the management, there are two types: traditional and female entrepreneurs.


Traditional women are the part of family, might or might not partially own the business, but definitely not involved in managing the family business.

Among these two types, there are two groups: working, housewife and professional. The traditional women are working in the company but not critical to the company if they quit. They usually have some levels of education background; however, mostly their career considered to be "feminine" and might not relevant to company management.

Their focus on the career is not business. The other group of women is housewives. They are just working inside of family and does not involve in the business at all.

Based on the Curimbaba's study, this type of family are most like exist in a large family with lot of heirs. Also, it is a company which male dominate the business.

Despite these two groups, there is another special group who is professional in some areas other than family business and has their own career. This group of women is part of family, willing to have their own career. However, their career cannot compete with the family business. And their incomes are maybe independent or dependent on family business, but are not the main source of income for supporting the whole family.

Female entrepreneurs:

The female entrepreneurs are...