Women's Rights In Afghanistan

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The Republic of Afghanistan is a very beautiful place, with rugged mountains, wide pastures and long savannas. But it also has a very troubled reputation. It has some 30 ethnic groups and a population of about 24,977,000 (est. 2002).

Afghanistan and Pakistan are both the home of the Taliban, a group of terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden. This group came into power in 1993. They tried to enforce laws according to the Koran, which is the Islamic bible. Thankfully, the Taliban were forced out of power in December of 2001. The U.S. Government ordered the Taliban to arrest the Al-Qaida group after 9/11. When the Taliban refused, the U.S. bombed Afghanistan.

The Religion Islam came to be known about 50 B.C. It is a religion a lot like Christianity . People pray 5 times a day; at morning, noon, mid-afternoon, dusk, and evening. Their main god that they worship is called Allah.

The rules that the Taliban enforce are harsh, especially for women*. Here are just a few:1.No Laughing2.No Singing3.No applauding4.No noisy shoes5.Women* must wear the burqa ( A cloak that covers the entire body with a meshopening at the eyes)6.No wearing bright colors7.Women* cannot go out in public without a male8.No dancing9.No Television sets10.No Kite-flying11.No football12.No music13.No cage birds (Canaries, Parakeets, etc.)14.No white socks15.No high-heels16.Women* cannot show any part of their skin17.If a house has a woman* living in it, then the windows of the house have to be painted black.

One terrible thing that happens in Afghanistan is called honour killing. If a woman’s* family decides that she has disobeyed or embarrassed the family in any way, then they might kill or maim her. Here’s the awful part: most of the time the police and court don’t get involved in such cases. Doesn’t that tell you how common this practice is?Another terrible thing done to women* is acid attacks. Also, if they are killed outside of their homes, then they will normally just be left out by the side of the road to pass on. Men, on the other hand, will be given a proper burial.

Even though the Taliban has been gone for about a year now, people are still mistreating females there. This cannot happen!* In Islam, a woman is classified as a girl older than 12.

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