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USA vs. Afghanistan Throughout the world, there are many different cultures. Each culture has it's own laws, government, and religion. The differences between these cultures often lead to conflict and war. The conflict between the US and Afghanistan demonstrates how these conflicts can arise.

Afghanistan has been under the control of the Taliban Regime since the soviets left the country. The Taliban have control over most of the country except for a portion of the north, where those who oppose the Taliban live. The Taliban have put many restrictions on the lives of the civilians of the area. The playing of instruments, cameras, British or American hairstyles, fashion magazines, and the flying of kites have all been banned by the Taliban. Even television has been banned. Religious police patrol the streets ready to punish those who do not follow the orders of the Taliban.

In Taliban controlled areas, cameras are not allowed.

Carrying a gun through these areas, however, won't draw a second glance. Getting caught carrying a camera can cause you to be arrested, and in some cases, killed. Also, the growing of many illegal drugs is done in Taliban controlled areas. Drugs such as opium are grown freely for export and trafficking into other countries.

The women who live under the control of the Taliban have had almost all of their rights taken away from them. Women are not allowed to show any part of their bodies outside of their homes. They are required to wear a burgha, which covers their entire body including the head. They are not allowed to wear makeup or paint their nails. Girls are not allowed to attend school. Underground schools have been created to help educate girls, but they risk being punished by the Taliban.

The differences between the US and Afghanistan are great. These differences cause much conflict. The people of the United States don't believe that people have been treated fairly in Afghanistan. The people of the United States shouldn't press their ideas on the people of Afghanistan. Because the US believes that they are always right, they cause much conflict in trying to create an ideal world.