Women's Studies

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Why are women's magazines thought of as catalogues and yet are rarely taken seriously by the retail industry? Gloria Steinem says, that advertising has media-wide influence on most of what we read (213).

I for one definitely agree. I don't look at the front of a cover of a magazine cover and automatically thing, "wow, there are some interesting articles in here", but, in fact, my first thought is to look at her outfit, her hair, and her make-up. Therefore, I am amazed as to why advertising companies would not be the first ones to jump into a spot in a women's magazine. After all, we are the shoppers; we even buy our husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, sons, other family members, and friends' clothes, colognes, undergarments, toiletries, and etc. It is women's nature to try to find the best products that our money can buy.

We want to know. In this article, by Gloria steinem, called " Sex, Lies, and Advertising," she touches on many issues women's magazines face, regarding advertising by the retail industry.

With the help of Patricia Carbine, VP of McCall's, as well as the editor in Chief, agreeing to leave taking a huge cut in her salary to joint the Ms team, Gloria Steinem begins to take the women's magazine world into a whole new dimension.