Women sexual rights and issues of discrimination

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Women's sexual right

People are fighting all over the world to have some rights that will certainly make their lives easier and permit them to live in a decent way. Humans in general are constantly searching for the appropriate lifestyle through rights like education, freedom, etc. Nowadays, we notice that women start also to have rights, or at least, begin to ask for them. Even if there are just few women in the world who are courageous enough to demand them, we see that it becomes an important issue that is discussed in a multitude of congresses and conferences. In fact, the main reason behind the fact that people still don't understand the necessity of giving their rights to women is that, in many cultures, women are still considered as a simple property without any dignity or right. In other words, females are threatened as a child to whom we don't give any responsibility like dressing, working, and deciding for their own lives.

In addition to that, there is one right that is very important in the development of women's state which is the sexual right. In fact, if respected, sexual rights are basic rights that will allow women to b freer. However, those rights are not respected everywhere and have some bad consequences on the women's state like sexual violence, the construction of a multitude of taboos, and a lack of sexual pleasure for the woman. Indeed, if people try to understand the need for this right and try to be more tolerant, it will help solving those tricky problems.

In order to gain something concerning sexual rights, women are obliged to do the first step. That is to say that they should break the silence and start to talk in an open way about their sexuality. It is...