Words Are worth Much

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Words are Worth Much

I decided to write on the poem "The World is Too Much with us" by William Wordsworth because I enjoyed this poem. The poem is an Italian sonnet (a sonnet is a "little song" consisting of fourteen lines), which is a poem that has two parts; the first eight lines form an octave in abbaabba form. The next six lines form a sestet in the pattern of cdcdcd. However, as affirmed in the book, William Wordsworth forms his break between the octave and the sestet within line nine instead of between the lines of 8 and 9. This goes to show that some poets become impatient with the given rules of the structure of this work and how some writers tend to break these rules.

William Wordsworth uses this sonnet to protest that the people in his time in the world fritter away their time and do not take advantage of the immense opportunities within nature.

I could relate this to our world today because of the lack of nature (plants, trees, parks, etc.) and the vast amount of cement and brick seen in our region. When I first read this poem, I thought of UNLV, and how we only have one grassy field left for students and faculty to enjoy. I had always pictured my dream college to have many fields around the campus where students would study under trees and such that I had seen in movies. This poem by William Wordsworth is a protest against the constant building and taking away our nature from us.

I also believe that this poem says that people should not waste their time with television, computers, and other indoors activities and take advantage of the nature (or what left of it) in our...