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The future is something that has always been a symbol of development in science and life. People often wonder what the future world will look like. Everyone has different views and opinions about the future. Some worry that the future of this world may be a catastrophe in which machines will rule this planet. However, I believe that my imagination of the world in the 2500 will change your opinion and will force you to live in my imaginary world. Firstly, it is technologically advanced to ensure a comfortable and healthy living. Secondly, the education system is designed so that almost everyone lives an educated life. Lastly, the religious boundaries are strictly outlined to avoid discrimination and civil wars.

The science and technology in the year of 2500 has advanced to a point where it is possible for everyone to live a comfortable and healthy life.

Genetic modified plants now produce nature intended plants. They are now juicy and free of pesticides. Moreover, water molecules are modified to ensure the water is always crystal clear and free of toxins. This type of genetic engineering ensures that diseases caused by toxic substances in water and plants are eliminated. Furthermore, the traditional mode of transportation, the car is now replaced by 'aero cars.' These cars fly in the air at different altitudes to help us save time and avoid traffic jams. Holograms are also used to take music classes or as homework helpers, in which they produce three dimensional models to help you solve difficult math or science problems.

Educational systems in the 26th Century world are designed to ensure that everyone is adequately educated to survive in the working world. The government provides free mandatory education until grade 12 to boost the literacy rates and reduce the...