World History 3.8 Essay

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The ideas of John Locke, Montesquieu and Aristotle are key points in the development of democracy and solid statements on why a Democratic government is the best type of government. John Locke believed people have the ability to reason, and that they are capable of making good decisions. Also believed people had "Natural Rights" - the right of life, liberty, and property & they should be protected by the government. Montesquieu develop an idea called "Separation of Powers", this idea divided the government among different branches so no group could gain too much power. A notable example of this type system was England in the 18th Century; it was divided among branches; The King, who enforced laws; the parliament, which created laws; and a court system which interpreted laws. Aristotle believed people reach their highest potential in an organized society, favored a society in all citizens (people) are educated and participate in governing.

Quoting Aristotle: "Man is by nature a political animal", this means that humans life in a "polis" (greek word for an organized city-state). These ideas have been adapted over time and now part of an organized type of government we know as "Democracy".