"A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty-A Brief Explanation

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Pheonix Jackson, the protagonist in the story " A Worn Path " by Eudora Welty, is a poor old elderly black woman . She walks from her home in the back woods to the hospital in the city to obtain medicine to soothe her Grandson's throat condition. Pheonix walks this route so frequently she has developed shortcuts along the way. Also, because she travels this journey so often Pheonix is confident in being alone, but to occupy her mind she speaks to the animals that she encounters. The treacherous experience in which Pheonix is embarking would exhaust anybody. Not to mention a one-hundred year old woman. So, due to exhaustion Pheonix needs to rest, during this rest she experiences a slight hallucinogenic episode.

Pheonix's dialogue, and poor grammar indicates that she lacks education. However, what she lacks in "book smarts"she more than makes up for it in persaverance and strength, and this helps to understand the plot of the story.

The reader becomes a wittness to Pheonix's struggles, and is impressed with her determination to overcome them, proving that hard work and persistance will get your goals accomplished. Throughout the story harsh weather and distance are examples of the hardships Pheonix faces. However, some of the hardships are in the form of people. One instance is the hunter pheonix meets along the way, who tries to intimidate her with a gun by pointing it at her and asking if she is scared. Pheonix politely tells him no, with the absence of nervousness. Pheonix knows that the young white hunter, in his own way, trying to show concern about her well-being. The hunter was trying frighten Pheonix so she would go back home and get out of the inclimate weather. The response I have for this story is a high...