Wrestling and the controversy over weight cutting.

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Picture Leo... Leo is a ten-year old boy whose father and wrestling coach is preparing him for his first wrestling tournament the next day. He is five pounds over his weight class so his dad is helping him put on a plastic suit to lose the weight. Leo is sitting on the bench in the locker room and his dad is taping Leo's plastics to make them tight around the ankles and wrists. Then, with sweatpants and a cotton beanie on his head Leo rides a stationary bike until he can possibly go no longer. Later, in the middle of the night, Leo wakes up and goes to the kitchen, pours a glass of juice, takes a drink and spits it out in the sink. He then sees his dad watching from the doorway. He tells Leo how proud he is of him for not taking a drink. The next day, after winning the tournament Leo is in bed clutching his trophy.

It is at that moment he feels all of his hard work and weight cutting is worth it.

This is a scene from the movie "Reversal." However, Leo is like so many boys who grow up to be college wrestlers. And anyone who has wrestled at the high school or college level knows at one point of time throughout his or her career they have been there. They haven't eaten or drunk anything all day, are laying in bed trying to sleep but all they can think about is how hungry and thirsty they are. This is very personal to me because for the past five years I have dated a college wrestler. I have seen him cut fourteen pounds in twenty-four hours and seen the effects it can have on him. I have also seen him lose...