Write a 500-word essay on the importance of the appropriate and correct use of language in the work of graduate students.

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Being a graduate student at any University, certain standards and levels of competence are expected and such standards are not consistent with illiteracy and poor use of the English Language. Graduate students are required to present works such as reports, essays, research papers and oral presentations which must adhere to the proper syntax of the English Language. They must be prepared in a manner which promotes fluency while limiting ambiguity. All these requirements warrant a strong command of the English Language.

Researchers in the Caribbean seek to answer questions or solve problems within the society and highlight the uniqueness of the Caribbean. Research, however, does not only seek to answer questions and solve problems but also seeks to empower graduate students and hone the skills that they will need to meet the needs of the society on a whole. As a result, the purpose of appropriate and correct English language is three fold.

Initially it enables the graduate student to grasp the materials being read, it then allows the graduate student to present the materials read to the immediate audience or academia while also giving latitude for self expression. This ability reflects an understanding of relevant material. Thirdly and finally a good command of the English language serves as a bridge between the graduate, the subject being researched and the wider society. In other words, the language in which the research is presented must not only be appropriate for the subject area it addresses or the level of competence expected of the student. It should be appropriate for the audience it addresses as well.

Society is made up of different levels which are integrated to form a social hierarchy. These levels consist of the lower, middle and upper classes. Graduate students are expected to master the use of...