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Statement of intention: The reason why I am writing this piece is because I have always wanted to know what it would feel like to be a professional soccer player. The intended audience is for people who have also thought about becoming a soccer player one day. I will be using first person view with a high spirited tone.

I watched as the ball slowly swerved into the top right-hand side of the goal. I saw the net ripple, I knew we had done it; we had won the UEFA cup after one of the longest games I have ever played. The UEFA cup is the second best attainment in European soccer and I will at long last be able to use my very own hands to hold it up high and proud and it is all thanks to my very last shot on goal in the fading minutes of additional time.

I looked around and saw everybody cheering with all their might holding up the team colours and not caring what everyone else around them would consider them to be. Still looking around I saw someone walking directly towards me, my heart started pumping extremely fast and my ears blocked out all the noise from the screaming fans, it was my hero, Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most successful soccer managers in the world and he coaches Manchester United Football Club which is the team I have loved since I can remember and contains all my idols that I look up to and respect and hope to be like them in a few years time. But the question was, 'why is he walking my way? Does he want directions to congratulate my coach? Or maybe...' then I heard someone impatiently saying, "Josh!...