Write a formal essay which analyses how the WWF leaflet persuades its audience to donate to the charity

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The WWF advertisement is aimed at people who are tax payers, they do not have to necessarily have to be in a job, they could be retired, but they have to be a tax payer to donate money to the charity.

The purpose of the advertisement is to get people to donate money, but they make the reader feel privileged to have been asked to donate. The WWF's purpose is to make the audience feel like they do not have to be incredibly rich to give them money, but that giving money is a good deed for the reader to do. This is achieved by using sympathy such as the picture of the dehorned rhino, they also use guilt and make the reader feel like the reason this is happening is partly because of them. The advertisement uses trust as well because the headings on the advertisement are from a famous environmentalist, Jonathan Porrit, this assures the reader that all these statements are true and they can trust that it is true.

This advertisement may be posted to people or may be in one of the supplements for a newspaper so that the advertisement gets maximum exposure to its target audience.

The headline "Now is the time" suggests to the reader that if you do not give money now then something bad could happen, like animals dying. This headline is much bigger than the rest of them; this is to make it stand out from the others and persuade the reader to give money.

The text on the headlines is wobbly it is used to make the headlines look ghostly, to represent the death of the animals that have been killed, the writing looks ghostly. The headlines are put together like a ransom note, this suggests to the reader...