Write a literary essay about the connection between the title "The Judgment", and the phrase "unending stream of traffic" in the last sentence

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The title of Kafka's piece The Judgment refers to the father's sentencing his adult son, Georg to "death by drowning". The connection between the title of the piece and its ultimate sentence is a symbolic one. The symbolic relationship lies in the father demonstrating to Georg that he is not 'the center of the universe' and that his death will go unnoticed.

In the 67th paragraph of the The Judgement, the father accuses Georg of being too self centered. "So now you now what else there was in the world besides yourself, till now you've known only about yourself!" After which he sentences Georg, "I sentence you now to death by drowning". Georg without contesting the fathers sentence runs out of the house, halfway over a bridge, swings himself over the railing and as a truck approaches to cover the noise of his drop, lets go of the railing. The reader is told no more.

There is no insight given as to weather Georg passes on or not. However, his drop is preceded by the following sentence: "At this moment an unending stream of traffic was just going over the bridge." Unending in this context means continuous and shows that not one car stopped when Georg jumped, while stream shows that there was more than one car. This means one of two things: one, either Georg didn't in fact jump and thus there was no need for the cars to stop and save him. Or, Georg in fact did fall, but although there were numerous cars passing by, no one cared enough to stop and either try to persuade him to quit or call for help.

"At this moment an unending stream of traffic was just going over the bridge." The unending stream of traffic represents continuity. This continuity refers...