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In a diverse world, people have a tendency to produce ideas and thoughts in diverse ways. Humankind was all created individually, and unique in numerous ways. Forming conclusions and developing a product can generate the same result with a different process. In Literature, however, there is a set of guidelines to follow, as with anything, to form the finished product, and writing is not only a product, but a process as well. The process includes prewriting, planning, writing, cooling, revising, editing.

Prewriting refers to practice or experimental writing- to evaluate what is known, discover new ideas, and to point out what needs further research. Prewriting takes many forms- making lists, sketching ideas, and noting facts. It prompts you to develop fresh ideas and establish a point of view. Prewriting can help one save time by quickly determining which ideas should be developed and which should be discarded. Just getting started is often the toughest of the whole process.

?The best way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas.? Quoted by Linus Pauling Establish context and outline ideas Good writing must have a clear purpose. The writing should point or express an opinion.

To support a thesis statement, evidence must be provided, and with evidence comes personal observations, experiences, examples, as well as other facts supporting information. Creditable sources also have a good foundation for supporting the research. When a reader is reading a written work, he is taken on a journey, but this is only accomplished with good organization and a clear train of thought.

The next step is the actual writing, to put the ideas on paper. The writer should write without stopping to correct grammar or look up a fact. It is easier to go back and delete ideas than to write forgotten...