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Today's business world means fierce competition, aggressive marketing, and strategic alliances. The extent to which an organization succeeds or fails often depends upon that organization's ability to be awarded contracts or to attract other businesses into strategic alliances. To accomplish either one usually requires the ability to present a good written business proposal.

The general purpose of any proposal is to persuade the readers to do something. Proposals may be solicited or unsolicited. Usually a solicited proposal is a document written by a person, organization, or agency who wishes to perform a job or solve a problem for another person, organization, or agency and receive funding or money for the proposed task. In most cases, proposals are developed by organizations for the following reasons:

* To invite potential suppliers or vendors bid for specific products and services. (www.conferzone.com)

* To propose to a business, an organization, or governing body with the goal of gaining support or funding of an idea, concept, or project that an organization has.

* Respond to an RFP.

In an unsolicited proposal, there is no request. For example, an employee may write a proposal to his or her manager suggesting a new idea. Both solicited proposal and unsolicited proposal may take the form of a simple letter, or be fully blown tender response. However, the purpose is much the same in any situation; writers want to convince their audience that they have something to offer. In addition, proposals are often prepared in response to a request for proposal (RFP). An RFP is a formal request to vendor for a proposal of products or services, and will usually be some form of specification. (www.odl.state.ok.us) The RFP might be open, for example advertised in news paper, or it might be private.