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The Color Purple

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Ken Dixson, Jessica Payne, Gabriela Ruiz

The Color Purple

Culturally competent services of helping are significant in the human services field. Developing a plan for delivering culturally competent services is identified using models of helping. Culturally competent strategies to address those issues are built between the human services worker and the client. There are several techniques and approaches used when delivering services to address the client's problems. The clients that need culturally competent services come from different populations. In using creative ideas and preparedness one can address multicultural issues by first exploring the richness of cultural diversity. In conclusion cultural strengths and weaknesses as portrayed by the character are identified and explored as it relates to the characters of interest.

Planning services

Domestic violence is an occurrence to women regardless of race, ethnicity, class, sexual and gender identity, religious affiliation, age, immigration status, and ability.

In exploring the context of the selected movie the most affected character found that could benefit from culturally competent services is the character Sophia. The identified character out of the others failed to reach self-actualization and suffered a great deal of adversities. This movie pinpoints the beginning of the voices of hope for women finding the measure of love acceptance and empowerment. The object for the movie appears to be the hopes for new generations of black women find out their self-worth despite adversities. Many of the women cannot spell or construct language because they have been deprived of education as a result of home life. All characters provide a genuine voice of abused women seeking love, acceptance, socially and emotionally.

The character that stood out most was Sophia. She begins her life at 15-years-old pregnant by Harpo who is older...