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Rationale: I will be making a written task based on a historical account based on defending the Jewish people, explaining why they have had a very difficult time living on some important events which belong to history, like the Arab Israeli conflict or the Nazism and its concentration camps in WW2. I will also mention when Nazism started to ain lots of power, how society threat Jewish people comparing that today they are much more free and respected, but still today there are really small groups of Nazism. I will be explaining different types of liberties and saying why people who are racist are weak because hating someone is a way of being scared.

Judaism which was born on Jerusalem - Israel, its even one of the greatest religions there had been. It was one of the religions which had suffered most through out history. The Germans and one of its political parties, which later controlled Germany led by Adolf Hitler. This party members were called "Nazi". The official party name was "National Socialist Germans Workers Party". It was founded on Germany 1919, it came to power by 1933 and fall from power in 1945 when his leader Adolf Hitler committed suicide.

The Arab Israeli conflict. All started in 1800 when a group in Europe decided to colonize certain land. This group were called Zionists. The Zionists represented a part of the Jewish population. Their main goal, was to establish a Jewish homeland. Their main options for a homeland were, Americas, Africa and Palestine. They choose Palestine. They came immigrating into Palestine, when the immigrations increased a lot, Arabs became upset and thought they were going to lost their homeland. An internal war broke out between Jews and Arabs. Huge assaults between them killed lots...