WUTHERING HEIGHTS:By Emily Bronte Heathcliff the Victim

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Wuthering Heights:

Heathcliff the Victim

In the novel called Wuthering Heights: written by Emily Bronte there is a character named Heathcliff. Heathcliff is one of the main in this novel and he is a very important character in this novel. Heathcliff is a victim in this book, he has a horrid upbringing and everyone he got to know in life treated him like he was nothing. He was reduced to a servant, no education, and no friends and couldn't even be with the one he loved because the all conspired to ruin what he and Catherine had.

When Mr. Earnshaw dies is when Heathcliff's horrible childhood begins, now that he is dead Hindley is now the controller of Wuthering Heights for his is Earnshaw's son and inheritor. He knows that his sister Catherine and Heathcliff love each other and so he reduces him to a servant and tells him nothing belongs to him.

This is the very thing that started the awful chain of horrible things that were to come.

After years of being degraded by Hindley, who would purposely embarrass him in front of Catherine; i.e.-Making fun of his

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hair/duties/clothing, Catherine meets Edgar and decides she should marry him because he is wealthy. When she talks this over with Nelly we see another part where Heathcliff is the victim of others cruelty:

Nelly's reluctance to tell of Heathcliff's presence to Catherine in an important time allowed him to overhear the very hurtful things that she was saying. If Nelly had tried to stop Heathcliff from running away when she seen him dart, he may have been present to hear all of the positive things that Catherine would later say about him. All that right there destroys Heathcliff, he now thinks the one person...