WW2: Holocaust Reflection Assignment (Schindler's List)

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The movie, "Schindler's List", displayed the condition of the Jews in the WWII Holocaust era, with a horrifying amount of detail, ensuring that we do not easily forget what they had gone through. It also made clear the steps taken by Nazis to exterminate the Jewish population of Germany. The fascist leader of Germany at this time was Adolf Hitler. Germans, as well as Hitler believed in Anti-Semitism (hatred of Jews). They took three steps to exterminate all the Jews, and live with perfect German people with "fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes". The first solution or step took place in 1933, and it was the emigration of Jews from Germany. The Nazis set discrimination laws against Jews, which took away their citizenship of Germany. In the movie, we experienced this from the very first scene, where the Jews were sad and leaving their homes on a train.

The Jewish businessmen lost their companies and factories. A businessman in the movie was in the immigration office, who Schindler convinced to become his accountant for his factory. Jews were excluded from socializing, and discriminated in streets. Since the first solution was not very powerful, the second solution took place in 1939. It was to place all Jews into the ghettos, and throw them out of their own homes. In the movie, we saw a rich family which had to leave their home, their belongings, and take whatever they could carry. Then they were made fun of in the streets by German children. The ghettos were isolated and enclosed areas, guarded by Nazi soldiers, where the Jews were forced to live. If the weak Jews tried to run away, they were instantly shot. Jewish people suffered from many diseases, starvation, and persecution as a result of overcrowding. A Jew in...