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The Yahoo! Perspective A. History If I had to tell an amazing story about two young men who went to school to get an education but fooled around instead and became billionaires, it would have to be the story about Yahoo! David Filo and Jerry Yang were electrical engineering students at Stanford University, where they spent countless hours fooling around on their personal dorm room computers, creating a guide to the web. Unknowingly they were creating a web page that would list addresses of interesting web sites being sent to them by fellow classmates. This homepage that listed hundreds of e-mail addresses was eventually customized and designed to fit the needs of thousands of users, and in march 5, 1995 Yahoo! was born.

Soon after Yahoo! was incorporated it became apparent that there was a huge demand for such a site, at which point the question arose, so now what?.

The answer to that was Tim Koogle. With the introduction of Tim Koogle in to the equation as Yahoo!'s CEO the company now had a chance to develop some structure but still command the ability to let the kids be kids (Net Geeks).

To Koogle Yahoo! was not just a search engine but a modern day media company. Keeping this in mind Koogle and his team had transformed Yahoo! in to a sales force which would attack media markets around the world.

For the first time a unique opportunity had emerged in Koogle's eyes. It was the opportunity to create a first media company, which had know boundaries globally. All media companies prior to the Internet had physical distribution constraints that made it difficult if not impossible to build a single global enterprise. The Internet like no other invention had removed geographic and time boundaries.

B. Ambidextrous Beginnings "To remain...