Yasmin Birth Control

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Yasmin Birth Control

What would you settle for, an okay product or an excellent one? Most of us would say the excellent one, right? Well that is what this advertisement is trying to get across. By taking these certain birth control pills you will be in better hands than if you use the other guys.

This advertisement starts off stating, "You don't settle when it comes to a guy. Why settle when it comes to the Pill?" That means that you should not settle for a pill that is less effective when it comes to pregnancy. It is arguing that Yasmin birth control pills are one of the top leading brands of birth control pills. The purpose of this advertisement is to tell women that if they do not want to get pregnant, then they should go to their doctor and get Yasmin birth control pills. Then it gives facts about the birth control and its possible side affects.

The other half of the advertisement is showing a picture of a man and a woman who are in love. They are showing their affection towards each other by having the man kissing the woman while she is smiling. It is also a bright beautiful day with the sun shining down upon them. It also portrays a kind of warmth and right being that birth control can bring to your life.

The purpose of the advertisement is to make aware that the right birth control to be taking is Yasmin. In today's world more and more knowledge is advertised about sex and its responsibilities. The advertisement was taken out the magazine "Glamour", a popular magazine that is read by 17-25 year old women all around the country. Long ago sex was not talked about publicly, but now since kids are...