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Arpa Essagholian Prof. Anderson English 102 20 October 2014

Could Romeo & Juliet Be Greeks

Romeo and Juliet is a play known for its unique love story during the time of the Renaissance. This play was known for what two people would do to be together. The story was told during the 1590s, and depicts how the lives of the wealthy were. The question is could this story be told in Greek Theatre. The answer is it can't can be told in Greek Theatre because it is a story with a lot of different aspects to it. Greek theatre and Renaissance theatre are way too different for them to pass along plays to each other. There are many problems that can arise if it would be acted out in Greek Theatre, some being: there can only be one setting, there is only a certain time slot, and the violence can't be set on stage nor could there be subplots.

In Romeo and Juliet there are many settings. The story goes from Juliet's home, to the streets, to the family tomb area, and so on. In Greek theatre there can only be one setting. If the story is told in one setting the audience who is watching the play won't be able to see the significance of the place the story is taken in and why the actors are there. Every time there is a new setting in the play the audience understands the play more. If the party is taking place in the family burial sight it wouldn't make much sense. Each setting was different for a reason, and that reason was to tell a different part of the story which Greek theatre never did. When Romeo and Juliet first meet it is at the Capulet party,