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October 1 2014

Ms. Frizzell

250 Graham Road

West Elgin Secondary School

West Lorne NL0 2P0

Katrina Brown

Brookstone Manor Resort and Spa

1400 Mary Drive

West Lorne NL0 2P0

Dear Katrina,

This letter I am writing to you, is in concern of your essay on Geoffrey Chaucer'sCanterbury Tales. As I told you before, a passage in your essay is an example of plagiarism. Although you disagree and believe that the passage is common knowledge, and does not need to be cited, I would like to give you information about what plagiarism is. I will also discuss ways we can fix this situation and prevent it from happening again.

First off, I would like clarifying with you the two types of plagiarism, intentional and unintentional. Intentional plagiarism is purposely copying someone else's work/ideas. Some may do this because they are running out of time to do an assignment or because of academic pressures.

This type of plagiarism is dishonest behaviour and is theft. Whereas unintentional plagiarism, is the result of being lazy and suffer the bad habit of "cut and paste." Other examples of unintentional plagiarism, is lack of knowledge on the topic being plagiarized, as well as poor note-taking skills.

The repercussions of plagiarism are quite serious. It may not seem so bad at the time but the consequences of plagiarism can consist of getting suspended or expelled, as well as a record stating you have plagiarized. You do not want this because this record can prevent you from getting into post secondary as well as getting a job. Plagiarism should be taken very seriously, as it can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Ideas from web sites or other types of sources are helpful when writing essays, as long as you know how to...