Who you think is the best leader in "The Animal Farm" by George Orwell?

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What makes a true leader? One could say that it varies within themselves. It relates with their goals and strong points to help their community that is relying on them. In "Animal Farm", the best animal for the job is Boxer. Boxer is strong, loyal, and devoted to his work.

Boxer has the strength of 3 horses. Hes is very musciluar and hardworking. The expression " I will work harder" motivates him to work harder. The others relied on Boxer to get them through the hard times, "but the pigs with cleverness and Boxer with his tremendous muscles always pulled them through". Many of the animals admired Boxers strengths and ablities. "Boxer was the admiration of everybody", "He had been a hard worker even in Jone's time". Boxer was always up and about. He was pushing and pulling, where the work was hardest. He was always the first one up early because he wanted to be the first one at work.

A great characteristic Boxer shows is loyalty. Everybody can trust him. Napoleon uses this to his advantage. Boxer stays true to his plethora of tasks that await him. Being strong and loyal played a big part on the farm. He keeps it together for the other animals livnig their. He at first was loyal to Snowball but then changed to being loyal to Napoleon because Squealer would tell Boxer lies of Snowball. At one point Boxer stood up for Snowball, "I do not believe that Snowball was a traitor at the beginning", but Squealer was always their to reason him into thinking he was one, "Snowball was Jone's agent from the beginning". Boxer then became to believe Snowball was truly a traitor.

When Boxer hears of Animalism hes all into it. A good...