Young Goodman Brown - Understanding Faith

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Understanding Faith For thousands of years, the human belief that a higher entity is watching over us has been very traditional. Our fear of this higher power has led us to its worship, hoping that it would have pity on our souls. Our constant search for the meaning of life has also led us to turn to this higher being for hope of enlightenment. The creation of many religions serves to these very purposes, but if misunderstood, religions can ruin an individual. In the story "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the possible corruption of religious institutions is explored by the author. The purposes of religion, its misinterpretation by people, and the downfall of individuals due to this misinterpretation can be seen throughout the story.

Everyone must have asked themselves the question of the meaning of life. There is no definitive answer to this question which every individual can agree upon.

Since we can't turn to science or our limited knowledge for help in understanding life, religion is the next best thing. The possibility of a creator of the universe has led people to the worship of this ultimate being in fear for their own lives. In the short story, the main character, Young Goodman Brown, has a wife named Faith. The concept of faith is very important in religion. People have been led to believe that having faith in our Creator is needed to get on His good side. The author assigns the religious Young Goodman Brown, Faith, to demonstrate the full-hearted belief of a religious practitioner. Another essential element of a religious institution is the concept of prayer. It is believed that through prayer, one can communicate directly with God. Faith tells her husband to "Pray tarry with…" her (121). The author shows here that...