Young people's evaluation of sex education in schools

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Young people reflect negatively on their experiences of sex education in schools.


1. Is there anything that young people feel could have been improved in their sex education?

2. To what extent do young people feel they have benefited from their sex education?

3. What do young people feel were the strengths and weaknesses of their sex education?

4. What do young people think of the overall quality of their sex education?

Research objectives

1. construct a questionnaire and conduct interviews which will enable me to research my chosen area

2. select a valid sample from an appropriate sampling frame

3. administer my questionnaires and interviews as a pilot study

4. process my findings with research question and aims in mind

5. evaluate the whole research process


I have chosen to study people's opinions of sex education for two reasons. The first is for a personal reason, (based on my own experiences of sex education which I feel was ineffectively taught) and the second is because the issue of sex education in schools is becoming more prominent on the public agenda.

The high rates of teenage pregnancy (the highest in western Europe) and sexually transmitted diseases in the UK (Cases of chlamydia and gonorrhoea have nearly doubled over the past 10 years) are an increasing concern and much of this seems to be blamed on the inadequate teaching of sex education in schools. There seems to be a gap in the literature surrounding this subject -other than articles in newspapers and teen magazines- and this encouraged me even further to look into the issue myself.

Research design/methodology

For this project I shall use methodological pluralism, a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods. This will incorporate both positivist and interpretative approaches. Positivists such as Durkheim...