Youth Violence

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Violence in youth has increased drastically in children Canada since the 1980's; this is due to expectations, their status in society, and the media. Aggressive behavior and violent acts in youth has always existed. Over time acts of violence has not only increased but also the age of which violent behavior is beginning at a younger age. According to Peter J. Carrington crime is increasing and the offenders that are committing these crimes are beginning at the age sometimes as young as seven "in 1991, police- reported that youth crime in Canada has reached its highest level ever." (2001: 38) There are many answers as to why this is, however one of the main answers is the inequality of youth and the more they strive to be heard as years progress.

From when a child is born they are taught to listen to their parents until they are capable of being independent and supporting themselves.

This places children beneath adults. Often this leads to children wanting to grow up, become independent and strive to be who their parents are. However, this is not possible because children are not equal to adults. Children are expected to obey parents and have a sense of independence. Society expects children to grow up faster and act like adults. However, not only do children adapt principles such as independence they as adapt behavior such as violence. They are expected to follow the principles of adult hood and parents only exact them to do the things that are good but when they act from the principles of adult hood and do the things that are bad it is not acceptable which causes conflict within the child. They are expected to behave like adults as long as they assume the responsibilities that will please their parents. When...