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From an outsider's perspective, religion is simply a set of poorly-thought out fairy tales intended to control large masses of people. Whether they are based upon tales of Gods living up in Mt. Olympus bickering on which mortals to favor, or of men parting whole oceans, world religions are considered credible by their followers. Two of the world's largest religions, Christianity and Islam, have some of the most zealous followers. The two groups have been at war several times, and throughout history have always been eager to disagree. A clear shame, since while the two may seem to have ideas worlds apart, they are more similar than apparent upon first glimpse.

Christianity was founded around the year 30A.D., after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, believed by Christians to be the son of God. All of his teachings were recorded in the New Testament, found within the latter pages of the bible.

Christ taught his followers that the most important aspect of live was love, and offered salvation to any man willing to confess his sins and follow the will of God. Early Christians were not very popular amongst the population, but Christianity grew steadily until it was made into the official religion of the Roman Empire by the Emperor Constantine, where it was given a firm foundation.

The Muslim faith known as Islam was founded in the year 622, by Muhammad. Muhammad believed that he was experiencing visions sent to him by Allah, the supreme God. He believed that Allah had already revealed himself somewhat through the teachings of Moses and Jesus Christ, and was finishing these revelations by giving them to Muhammad. He recorded these revelations, and based the Koran on them, Islam's holy book. The central belief of the Islam faith is that Allah is the...