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Science report on the creation of a small transistor radio

2 X 100nF capacitors (= 0.1uF)1 X 10nF capacitor (=0.01uF)1 X 47uF capacitor1 X headphone socket1 X AA battery holder1 X AA batteryFlex covered wireThin cardTools:Soldering ironSolder wireClippersInsu ... the - sign.Step 6: Attach the switchThe switch was then soldered into placeStep 7: Test circuitOne AA battery was put into the battery holder and the circuit tested to see if all the joints were work ...

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Battery Experiment - Differences in power intake and usage of higher and lower quality and priced battery's.

Science Experiment - Battery LifeAim: To find out and collect data on the power life of 2 different branded batteries.Equ ... ct data on the power life of 2 different branded batteries.Equipment:- Multi-meter- BatteryCare battery- Alkaline(Sanyo) battery- Spare Wire- Sticky tape- ... rst take readings of the 2 different batteries power levels using a multi-meter.2. Attach 1 battery up to the 1.3volt electric motor using some of the spare.3. Use sticky tape to ensur ...

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ker wire connecting to the subs, and gold wiring RCA cables. I also have a cap which is like a huge AA battery, and it makes it so you cant blow your subs and it stores power so there is better soundi ...

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Science Report - Batteries

ibliography Page 11Introduction:This experiment is designed to test out whether leaving Zinc-Carbon AA (AA Eveready batteries Super Heavy Duty) batteries in a fridge or refrigerator will last longer t ... experiment took approximately 9 weeks.Aim:The aim of this experiment is to test out whether leaving AA batteries in a fridge or freezer will have a longer life span than AA batteries that have been le ...

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BIBLIOGRAFI A. (u.d.). Hentede 18. 09 2014 fra Hans Jørgen Henriksen, Per Nyegaard, Vibeke Ernstsen, Per Rasmussen, Lars Troldborg og Jens Christian Refsgaard: http://vandmodel.d ...

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