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Cigarette Smoking

g.Boston College's smoking policy says that smoking is banned in all buildings including all indoor air space but not including areas outside buildings or "personal rooms within student residence hall ... ishion, housing manager at the University of Kentucky, "It's an issue of health. In some dorms, the air circulates and everyone breathes the smoke, even if there is smoke in just one room." (Gorin). S ...

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Building a Passive Wine Cellar

night nor summer and winter; substantial humidity; a very cold mean temperature; and the absence of air movement (let alone any movement of the bottles). The first two factors are of major importance; ... on of the wine in the bottle, hastening the ingress of oxygen - and thereby oxidation.Ullage is the air space present in a bottle of wine between the cork and the surface of the wine. In old wines it ...

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Glacier Park

when global warming wasn't a thought. Glaciers are formed because; freshly fallen snow has a lot of air space in the flakes. Later as the snow settles the edges get pressed together and broken off. Th ... falls and it piles higher, the weight of the upper snow presses down on the lower snow. Most of the air gets squeezed out of the snow mass. This is like making a snowball into an ice ball by squeezing ...

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Riverkeeper v/s US Government

by Riverkeeper was requested to be obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration and occupy the air space within 10 nautical miles of the Indian Point nuclear facility. The secure airspace was als ... erator of the plant and that it would not be expected for the Indian Point facility to operate anti-aircraft weaponry to protect the complex from this type of terrorist attack. The courts felt that th ...

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ons.Cold roofThis is when the insulation is fitted above the ceiling between the joists whereby the air temperature will be the same temperature as outside the building and the void above the insulati ... the insulation (usually 50mm gap) must therefore be ventilated to prevent condensation in the cold air space. Firring pieces would be useful at right angles to the joists to allow the ventilation to ...

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You and Whose Army?

aunching a violent campaign that killed thousands and terribly crippled the country of Lebanon. The airport was bombed and all of the highways and bridges leading to Beirut were completely destroyed; ... ones who have occupied land from Lebanon for over 22 years, they are the ones who violate Lebanese air space, and they are the ones who are perpetrating aggression on a daily basis. They have held ov ...

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