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Determination of an unknown amino acid from a titration curve

AbstractExperiment 11 used a titration curve to determine the identity of an unknown amino acid. The initialpH of the solution was 1.96, and the pKa's found experimentally were 2.0, 4.0 ... s calculated to be 176.3 whilethe accepted value was found to be 183.5. The identity of the unknown amino acid was established to beglutamic acid, hydrochloride.IntroductionAmino acids are simple mono ... haracterized by the general structure shown in figure 1.Fig. 1Although the general structure of all amino acids follows figure 1, the presence of a zwitterion is madepossible due to the basic properti ...

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Proteins, their uses, structure etc.

Protein, from the Greek proteios, or 'primary', is described as being a large number of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. They are the basis of living organisms account for over 50% of ... e long fibrous forms used in connective tissues.All proteins are combinations of about 20 differing amino acids each combined of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and occasionally sulphur. The amino ... orm peptide bonds between each other, thus forming a polypeptide chain. The huge number of possible amino acid combinations and the intricate primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures the ...

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Can life exist without enzymes?

what role do enzymes play in these processes.An enzyme is a globular protein. Its basic unit is the amino acid, made up of the elements Carbon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Each enzyme has a specific 3-dime ... orming mRNA, which can then be translated into a polypeptide. In translation, another enzyme called aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase binds the tRNA molecule and its corresponding amino acid together. The com ...

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ADM Price fixing: the way it works and the effects it can have. A comparison of two companies in which price fixing was a factor.

ts two Japanese competitors Kyowa Hakko and Ajinomoto, to control the price of lysine. Lysine is an amino acid used to stimulate animal muscle growth and a component of feed for hogs, poultry, and fis ...

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The Chemistry of Food and Cooking : Eggs.

eins just like heating them. The reason why air bubbles makes egg proteins uncurl is because of the amino acids that make up proteins. Some amino acids are attracted to water, other amino acids are re ... s are attracted to water, other amino acids are repelled by water. Egg whites contain both kinds of amino acids. When the protein is curled up, the water repelled amino acids are packed in the center ...

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Enzyme Summary

. The first variable is an enzyme's primary structure. A primary structure is just a combination of amino acids. There are twenty different amino acids that the primary structure can be created from. ... ry enzyme has a different order that the acids are placed in and each one has a different number or amino acids. The slightest change in this structure can affect a protein's conformation and function ...

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Vitamin C-Health effects

the main protein substance of the human body. It aids the joining of a portion of a molecule of the amino acid proline to form hydroxyproline, resulting in a stable collagen structure, and therefore t ...

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What makes you happy.

le morphine. These substances were referred to as opoids. The polypeptide endorphin contains thirty amino acid units. Opoids are considered stress hormone like corticotrophin, cortisol, and catecholam ... t affect on the body during exercise. This type of peptide hormone is formed mostly by Tyrosine, an amino acid. The molecular structure of this chemical highly resembles morphine but as different chem ...

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Urey and Miller

carbon dioxide, water, ammonia, hydrogen, methane, etc.), Miller and Urey were able to produce some amino acid precursors. From the Urey/Miller experiment it has been hypothesized that random combinat ... rdial earth, helped along by lightning, produced the chemicals which are the building-blocks of the amino acids. Of course we still have a very, very long way to go before producing life! The experime ...

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Maximizing Body Building Efficiency with Creatine

What is Creatine?Creatine is a type of amino acid (with the chemical formula: C4H11N3O3*H2O) that is naturally produced in liver, pancreas ...

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Study notes on the structure and function of various groups of molecules including proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats)

a. -A protein is a polymer of amino acids-Amino acids form a particular sequence-R group varies between amino acids and determined ... determined type of amino acid-Primary structure of a protein is it's unique sequence and number of amino acids-Determined by genetics-Determines other structures peptide bonds-Secondary structure of ... in consists of irregular contortions from bonding between the side chains (R groups) of the various amino acids-Determined by hydrogen bonding between R groups of amino acids-Determined by hydrophobic ...

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Amino Acids

Once called the bodies "building blocks", Amino acids help to create and build health cells and repair damaged tissue from free radicals or ot ... p to create and build health cells and repair damaged tissue from free radicals or other illnesses. Amino acids also form antibodies to resist influenza and bacteria as well as a myriad of other virus ... ies to resist influenza and bacteria as well as a myriad of other viruses that can attack the body. Amino acids are a part of the enzyme and hormone system. Amino acids also help to build and form nuc ...

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BIOLOGY - Proteins: How They Work By, Jin Chang (me)

s: Primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. The primary structure is a linear sequence made of amino acids. The secondary structure is the folding up of the first structure due to hydrogen bonds. ... level, changes in salt concentration, and higher temperature (reduce strength of hydrogen bonds).+ Amino Acids and Peptide Bonds Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are a to ...

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General Features of Protiens

tein is a unique three dimensional biological polymer constructed from 20 different monomers called amino acid. Some of amino acids are glycine, alanine, valine, leucine etc. There are three structura ... y, secondary, and tertiary structure. Primary structure is the unique genetically coded sequence of amino acids within a protein. Amino acids are bonded by peptide bond which links the amino group of ...

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The Late Miocene Radiation of Modern Felidae: A Genetic Assessment

he domestic cat and Panthera lineages, by 11 to 65 diagnostic sites for individual lineages, and by amino acid data analyses of 14 genes. The radiation of recent felids initiated with the divergence o ...

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The Nitrogen Cycle

s disolved with water and it seeps into the soil. The plants use the nitrate to make an acid called amino acid. Animals that eat the plants take in the acid and use it as a protein.b) Nitrogen fixatio ...

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Mitochondrial DNA in aging, and Disease

se mutation is a type of point mutations where a nucleotide is changed which results in a different amino acid. This in turn can render the resulting protein nonfunctional. Such mutations are responsi ...

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lastly it should not hurt your crops. A great example is Glyphosate, it kills by use of enzymes in amino acid biosynthesis. It uses two enzymes in this process, EPSP and GOX.These active ingredients ...

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Maintaining a Balance

of cellulose.cellulosecellulose glucosefats (lipids) lipase fatty acids + glycerolprotein protease amino acidsTheir role in metabolism: metabolism is the sum of all reactions taking place inside a ce ... e reused many times.The chemical composition: Enzymes are proteins. There are 20 different types of amino acids. The type of amino acid, the number and the arrangement of these amino acids in a 3-D sh ...

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Supplements: Gain the Edge or Fall Behind? Living in such

dietary ingredients: • A vitamin • A mineral • An herb or other botanical • An amino acid • A dietary substance for use by man to supplement the diet by increasing the total ...

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