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Study the arms of the medieval period. Which weapons were preferred by infantry and cavalry through the different periods of the Middle Ages?

ssued his Capitulare missorum requiring a lance (the cavalry version of a spear) be included in the armament for all horsemen, and strengthened its use when in 802 declared the infantry would also be ... lmet and chest armor.Second only to the spear in terms of use, the sword was definitely an everyday armament throughout the middle ages. However, the fact that the sword was the most expensive of all ...

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Cuase of world war one.

war started, millions of people were inflamed by patriotism and, contrary to those who believe the armament to be the major cause of the war, if the masses hadn't had such great nationalistic sentime ...

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Persian Invasions

f those who would not give the earth and water were the Eretrians of Euboea. So Darius sent a great armament by sea against Eretria and Athens, led by Datis and Artaphernes, which sailed first against ... ius was very wroth with the Greeks when he heard of these things, and made preparation for a mighty armament to overthrow the Greeks, and also the Egyptians, who revolted soon afterwards. But he died ...

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I agree with the quotation: "The failure of the post war treaties to be consistence with the 14 points was the primary source of interwar discontent"

zens in German and Italy were cursed because of three reasons; first reason is the unfairness of disarmament that was included in Treaty of Versailles; it can be said that the treatment of Germany was ... maine and Trianon. By these three reasons I agree with the quotation.First reason is that Germany's armament had to be "demobilized" by the Treaty of Versailles; however, 14 points states that every c ...

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Essay: The roman Army

eaves and breastplate, all of bronze, and carrying a spear and sword.The lesser classes bore lesser armament and weaponry, the fifth class carrying no armour at all, solely armed with slings.The army ...

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War and Peace

devices to establish peace on the earth.The real road of peace therefore lies not in the increased armament but in the promotion of love and sympathetic understanding. War springs from fear and hate. ...

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Why did the US declare war on Germany in 1917? Include the following 3 factors in your essay: a)German Naval Policy b)American economic interests c)Wilson's idealism

sinking of the Lusitania or the Zimmerman Note? Did Wall Street, American oil industry, and or the armament producers unnecessarily exaggerate the threat to American interests by saturating the airwa ...

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Practicality of Disarmament.

This is my research paper on disarmament. It contains breifly all the important steps taken in the feild of disarmament till recentl ... uraging that it will exist within the foreseeable future. Dr. Hambro has also rightly remarked "The armament race comes as close to collective insanity as anything in the history of mankind and it is, ... history of mankind and it is, to my mind, surprising that public opinion is willing to take it."Disarmament has become a more urgent and complicated issue with the rapid development of nuclear weapon ...

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World War 2.

ar I, the rise of Fascism, the goals of Hitler, the isolationism by America and Britain, and the re-armament of Europe.The leader of Germany at the time of WW2 and the person who is most thought to ha ...

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Adolf Hitler's role as a military commander between 1939 and 1945.

h this method of memorization Hitler was able to comprehend technical matters and any problems with armaments. He had a thorough knowledge of guns, tanks, ships and what their capabilities in war were ... knowledge of guns, tanks, ships and what their capabilities in war were. He was well versed in the armament and speed of foreign warships. Where and what guns should be used and would offer suggestio ...

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F-86 Sabre VS MiG-15

ame aircraft technology acquired from the Germans, these two fighters differed in designated roles, armaments and speed. The primary mission role of the F-86 was to be an escort and dogfighter ... gnated targets and deal any significant damage therefore it was smaller, lighter and packed heavier armament of 23 and 37 mm machine guns. The armaments of these two planes vary as like their r ...

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High tech Industry in Israel

s independence, Israel military industry developed at a rapid pace, meeting the country's needs for armament and technologies that it could not obtain from its allies. During the same period, Israel w ...

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