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Why Tocqueville believes that equality leads to a love of centralized authority.

ions will support his own independence and freedom. In America, this has taken shape in centralized authority.One reason for this is that centralized authority is simple. In ages of equality, human be ... atic times private life can be quite dynamic leaving one with little time for politics. Centralized authority is a simple political system requiring little intellectual or time commitment from its con ...

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Modes of Parenting: tells how the personality of a child can be directly related to the manner in which he/she is raised

e. Since their parents were bystanders in their life, the children will struggle with submitting to authority.It is quite apparent that the offspring of authoritative parents are more likely to be suc ...

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What are capricorns are like.

zing ability they are able to work on several projects simultaneously.They have a great respect for authority but may not, if they reach high rank, be willing to listen to other opinions on things the ... be willing to listen to other opinions on things they are directly responsible for. As the ranking authority figure in a given situation they expect their underlings to be as self disciplined as they ...

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Do They Really Go Hand In Hand? An interpretive analysis of language and obedience to authority.

Do They Really Go Hand In Hand?What, exactly, are language, authority and obedience? A dictionary gives us a brief definition of each, and an encyclopedia may g ... e closely identified with each other.... or can they?When a person is required to process the word "authority" in his or her mind, that person would probably think of authority figures including polic ... obably think of authority figures including police officers, parents, teachers and employers. These authority figures set the rules that are to be followed as well as the consequences for breaking tho ...

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Pedagogical Role Of Computers

ctive in human teaching and learning process in the conditions such as they have information but no authority , they are passive obedient, have no space time constraints and can be ignored when not ne ... mputers have the superiority of having large amounts of information/knowledge although they have no authority. Through computers and networks one can access any kind of information, knowledge or multi ...

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Classic parenting styles

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Parenting Style, description of authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles

uthoritarian households. Some advantages I can see coming from this are; respect and recognition of authority, well behaved, child doing as they are told immediately, and respect toward others. These ... t between the parent and the child. Also, the child may see the parents as more of a friend than an authority figure. This could result in a loss of respect and communication with the parent. Furtherm ...

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What do the texts you have studied have to say about the positive and/or negative effects of institutions?

titudes to the world and himself. He realizes the value of self responsibility and his attitudes to authority figures has also somewhat altered. He is still exposed to negative effects of the institut ... to be which epitomizes reality giving the book credibility.Additionally, Brett's attitudes towards authority figures alter massively as his character progresses through the novel. He initially thinks ...

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What would life be like without laws?

ld be anarchy. By definition anarchy is a state of disorder due to the absence or recognition of an authority figure. Life without some type of rules to control us would literally be a state of disord ...

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What is Authority?

ou think this defines? No this is not the definition of dictatorship or totalitarianism, but simply authority. Authority is over used and some people need to realize what this robust word means.When m ... is over used and some people need to realize what this robust word means.When most people think of authority, the thought of the government or a supreme power comes to mind. In the real world, the go ...

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Principles Of Management

/ ...

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