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Amazon rainforest, past, present and future uses.

reIntroduction to RainforestsA rainforest is classed as an area of lush vegetation with higher than average temperatures and yearly rainfall. Rainforests are the most biologically diverse ecosystems i ...

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Air Pollution.

ng a better insulator preventing heat from escaping back into space and leading to a rise in global average temperatures. Today, man is capable of damaging many of the Earth's natural cycles. It appea ... t concentrations of about 0.05 parts per million (Leighton 152). Cruising at 60 miles per hour, the average "full sized" American automobile emits about three liters of nitrogen oxides per minute (Lei ...

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How global warming is melting the ice caps

foundly affected by the changing climate. Many scientists believe that global warming is the cause. Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the worl ...

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Kyoto Treaty and Global Warming

xide and other greenhouse gases have been skyrocketing over the past few years, causing the earth's average temperatures to rise. At first, it was believed to only be a theory and a myth but over time ...

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The Global Warming Epidemic

planet. A study done by the U.N. sponsored Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change shows that the average temperature around the world has increased by one degree Fahrenheit. Visual evidence is clea ... s, dying of coral reefs, and increase in droughts worldwide. By 2100 the IPCC says that the earth's average temperatures will increase between 2.5 F and 10.4 F, more than 50% higher than predictions m ...

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Global Warming

st).What is the green house effect all about?Global warming is basically a rise in the earth’s average temperatures; this is brought about by a rise in certain greenhouse gases: which is what cau ... of sea surface temperature taken from ships moving over the oceans to produce an estimate of global average temperature every month.From these records, eleven of the last twelve years (1995–2006) ...

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The Arctic Zone

and their greenhouse gases. The study concluded that in Alaska,Western Canada, and eastern Russia, average temperatures have increased byas much as 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to 4 degrees Celsius) ... as 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to 4 degrees Celsius) in the past 50years, nearly twice the global average. Temperatures are projected to rise 7 to13 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 7 degrees Celsius) over ...

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Monsoon (Rainy) Season is July to September, and Post Monsoon season is October to November. Winter average temperatures are in the 50 degree F. Earthquakes are common within Pakistan. There is arctic ...

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Climate Differences between Auckland and Manama

he southern hemisphere, the Summer is from December to April, which is the warmer temperature of an average of about 16oC or above, and Winter is from May to November, the cooler temperature averaging ... veraging 13oC, 15oC or below . It has a lower temperature during May to October in the year, as the average temperatures of each month during this time are lower than 20oC. Auckland has a cool-tempera ...

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Global warming is real

80-300 parts per million. Today we are producing 380 parts per million which has resulted in higher average temperatures (1). The temperatures will keep on rising, unless the greenhouse gas concentrat ...

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