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INTRODUCTION This report will explain one of the four limited resources within Pakistan. The four limited resources are Land, Labor, Capital, and Entrepreneurship. Within this you will find out about how the country uses or their lack of using their limited resources of Land.

LAND Pakistan is located in southern Asia. It is bordering the Arabian Sea, between India on the east and Iran and Afghanistan on the west, and China is on the north. It is 310,321 square miles. That is about twice the size of California or about the same size as Texas and Oklahoma combined. There are four Provinces that Pakistan is broken into. They are as follows: Baluchistan, North - West Frontier (also referred to as NWFP), Punjab, and Sind. About one third of the population lives in towns and the rest in rural areas. A large amount of the population lives in the fertile Indus River Valley. The terrain of Pakistan is flat Indus plain in east, mountains in the north and northwest, and the Balochistan plateau in the west.

The climate in Pakistan is mostly hot, dry desert. Their cold season is December to March, Hot season is April to June, Monsoon (Rainy) Season is July to September, and Post Monsoon season is October to November. Winter average temperatures are in the 50 degree F. Earthquakes are common within Pakistan. There is arctic weather in the northern part of Pakistan. The Indus River floods during the Monsoon season. With the exception of the Far North, summers are hot throughout the country with temperatures ranging from 90°F to 120°F and little nighttime relief. This can be compared to parts of California. They do have snow in the mountains during the winter months.

Pakistan has a large amount of natural resources to use or...