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The rich, cultural history and the domestic location are interesting attributes that Pakistan has to offer.

Pakistan's history is full of culture. For example, although Pakistan was born only 1947, its cultural heritage has lasted for 5,000 years ("Pakistanis" 3; "Pakistan: Islamic Republic of Pakistan" 1). The word "Pakistan" was given by Choudhary Rahmat Ali ("Pakistan" 1). He received this name by taking parts of the subcontinent names such as Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Sind, and Baluchistan (1). "Pak" means "pure" in Urdu, and "stan" means "land" in Urdu" (1). Pakistan, like Egypt, has an advanced civilization ("Pakistanis" 3). It has planed cities, irrigation systems, and a complex social and religious organization (3). Pakistan, formerly known as part of the British Indian Empire, had one of the first urban populations in the world (2-3). In Pakistan, the Harappan culture practiced making artifacts (3). Buddhism has also left its mark in Pakistan.

As a center for the Buddhists, the kingdom of Gandhara housed the student artists ("Pakistanis" 3). Islam, the major religion in Pakistan, has impacted the people of Pakistan in many ways. There are two ways that people can distinguish the mark of Islam in Pakistan. One is that ninety-five percent of the people in Pakistan are Muslim (seventy-five percent are Sunni and twenty percent are Shia), three percent are Christian, and one and a half percent are Hindu (Weston 3). The other way one can tell that Pakistan is an Islamic country is just by seeing the massive amounts of mosques in Pakistan ("Pakistanis" 4). In the 1940's, when Pakistan was still part of western India, the Muslims started fearing domination of the Hindu majority ("Pakistan" 1). Because of this, the Muslims wanted a separate Muslim state (1). Muhammad Ali Jinnah, "the leader of the Muslim league,"...