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at is characterized byinflammation, itching, dry scaly skin, and in severe cases, small fluid filledblisters and insomnia. It is the most common skin disease in children today.Mild cases of Eczema are ...

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This is a creative writing assignment about a day in the life of a child of the person depicted in the Roman bust Head of a Roman.

He has a bust made and he is lackign eyeballs. Ugly! This sucks. I want to boss him around. I have blisters all of my feet. It sucks! My dad is making me look uglier than he. I am glad my dad isn't i ...

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tic effect on the tissues.Frostbite develops in three stages: a reddening of the skin, formation of blisters, and finally death of some of the skin cells and the underlying tissues. Clots often form i ...

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s produce lesions on the skin, but the lepromatous form is most severe, producing large disfiguring blisters. All forms of the disease eventually cause nerve damage because of sensory loss (cant feel ...

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It is August 26th and two sailors come down with a blusish face and purple blisters. In six days eighty-five thousand case of influenza are recorded and in two months six-hund ... nst the law to sneeze or cough. The symptoms of influenza were a bluish colored face, purple blisters, fever, chills and being suceptable to pneumonia. Basically the victims of influenza drowed ...

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Information On Burns

t seal the burning in. If it is very minor you can put ointment such as Neosporin on it. If you get blisters from a burn DON'T pop them, it will increase chance of infection. While waiting for profess ... ns.2nd degree burns. 2nd degree burns involve the top layers of skin. The skin is red and has large blisters that may open and weep clear fluid, making the skin appear wet. These burns are painful and ...

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the author probably wanted to create a sad and depressing feeling in us."Burnt and blistered" and "blisters, with blind eyes" show the alliteration with the repetition of the "b" sound to show the ha ...

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Shoeless joe

at he received the nickname "Shoeless" Joe after he had just bought a new pair of spikes. They wore blisters on his feet and they hurt so badly that he just played in his stocking feet. Although he pl ...

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nough so that you can't move your ankle, and you need to ware a couple of pairs of socks to prevent blisters. When you get your skies, if you are a beginner, you should probably get shorter skies. The ...

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s due to skin photosensitivity. If their skin was constantly exposed to the light, it would develop blisters and lesions. Their clothes were torn and their teeth looked like fangs because of their lif ... ia, deals with the diseases that cause photosensitivity. The skin of someone with Porphyria group 1 blisters and discolors when repeatedly exposed to the sun. It commonly leads to disfigurations of th ...

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th a red heart wrapped around both the heal and the side of the foot- the most common locations for blisters to occur) Blissfeet's trademark becomes easily recognizable in the consumer marketplace. No ... prevention sock. If the creators of Blissfeet have discovered some new way of protecting feet from blisters (i.e. a new/ blend of synthetic fibers) they may choose to patent this idea, before others ...

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Flesh Eating Bacteria

a rash developing. 7. The limb may develop large dark coloured marks that will turn to fluid filled blisters. 8. The wound may appear necrotic (dead) with a coloured appearance.Critical Symptoms- Usua ...

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PART 1 INFECTIOUS DISEASEs – Tinea pedis. Part 2 problems relating to antibiotic resistance PART 3 cataracts and cataract surgery. Part 4 cochlear implants.

comes itchy and reddens. After a few days or weeks it worsens where scaling, inflammation occur and blisters form. Furthermore, when the blisters break raw patches of tissue form and are exposed, this ...

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Silver Lining: A reflective essay on a life changing moment in my childhood

effected area would double in size, and what were once hundreds of tiny bumps become fewer, larger blisters. With time these blisters grow larger and spread. By far the worst part comes next, but to ... ead. By far the worst part comes next, but to spare the gory details, I'll just say that when these blisters burst, I look more like a leper than a person suffering from a common rash.When I was 15, I ...

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