This is a creative writing assignment about a day in the life of a child of the person depicted in the Roman bust Head of a Roman.

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Today I woke up and my dad was laready scolding me. I forgot to clean his feet last night. I am so mad. I don't know but I wish I could do whatever I wanted. He is so strict. He has a bust made and he is lackign eyeballs. Ugly! This sucks. I want to boss him around. I have blisters all of my feet. It sucks! My dad is making me look uglier than he. I am glad my dad isn't in debt though because I don't want to be sold. Yesterday at Market our neighbor was sold so his dad could pay off some debt for crime he committed. My dad is always mad at me when he comes home after the Senate meeting. He was the only one who voted against the law allowing children to be educated until aged 20. He is the head of the Senate so he has veto power. He is obsessed with having me as a servant. I hate this. I wish I had a brother to serve him but he was born with two heads so my dad killed him. He told me it was the law that the Twelve Tables say he could kill him, my only brother he killed before I could see! Jerk, I mean, Dad is calling. I have to go outside and help him carry some things outside the house I think.

Dangit this sucks. I dont believe it my dad is making me throw the grass farmer into his burning house! I seriously don't want to kill him but If I don't I might get sold and have to leave my family however that might be a relief. "1, 2, HEAVE!" I just threw a guy into a flaming house and don't know why?...