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BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL (BAL)MONITORINGThe amount of alcohol in your blood stream is referred to as Bloo ... rred to as Blood Alcohol Level(BAL). It is recorded in milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood, or milligramspercent. For example, a BAL of .10 means that 1/10 of 1 percent (or 1/1000) of y ... our totalblood content is alcohol. When you drink alcohol it goes directly from the stomach intothe blood stream. This is why you typically feel the effects of alcohol quite quickly,especially if you ...

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high doses pupils may become constricted. At intoxing doses, alcohol candecrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and respiration rate, and result in decreasedreflex and slower reaction times. Skin m ... y influenced by individual variationsamong users. Some users may become intoxicated at a much lower Blood AlcoholConcentration (BAC) level that I am about to show you. Along with drinking their aredif ...

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The Effects of Drinking and Driving

y 26). On average if a male adult were to consume three typical alcoholic beverages he would have a blood alcohol level of 0.06%. At this level, the drinker would either have a slight feeling of happi ... l, the drinker would either have a slight feeling of happiness, or feel slightly depressed. At this blood alcohol level a driver's ability to drive would be slightly reduced as the drivers responsiven ...

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important legislation including setting the national illegal drunk driving standard at .08 percent blood alcohol concentration, as well as creating MADD's youth programs to reduce underage drinking. ...

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The following essay will introduce you to pros and cons of drinking.

hers around you. The penalty for drinking and driving is Driving Under the Influence (DUI). If your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) registers over .08, you are Driving Under the Influence. After having on ...

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Impaired Driving: What good can come of it?

) of the Criminal code of Canada, it is illegal to operate a vehicle, vessel or aircraft while your blood-alcohol concentration is over 80 mg of alcohol to 100 millilitres of blood. This term is often ... mg of alcohol to 100 millilitres of blood. This term is often shorted to "80mg%" or ".08". If your blood-alcohol level is above said limit varies if you are a first or second time offender. I believe ...

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Fun or disaster, this paper is about the effects of drunk driving

or killed in alcohol related crashes. Driving while intoxicated is dangerous, and drivers with high blood alcohol content (BAC) are at increased risk of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular d ... toxicated) laws for every state, but Delaware, say that you can not operate a vehicle safely with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. The laws are very strict and if convicted you co ...

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Informative essay on drinking and driving problems in United States DUI: AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE

end. Ms. Acey was traveling west in the east-bound lane at a speed of 100 miles per hour. She had a blood alcohol content level equal to four times the legal limit of .08. She also had two prior convi ...

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Average Rounded Values of the BAC level for people of different weights.

The sets of data I will be determining linear or not are based upon the average rounded values for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for people of different weights, according to how many drinks they ... age slope between these two would be the most reasonable estimate for the average rate of change of blood alcohol concentration. After adding .0265(2) and .027(2) and then dividing that answer by four ...

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What is alcohol and how does it affect on our body, does it affect more if someone in our family is alcoholic?

e alcohol is absorbed. Once the alcohol is absorbed into the tissue, it affects your mind and body. Blood alcohol concentration can rise up to 20 minutes after having a drink. After alcohol is absorbe ...

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the stomach. The other eighty percent is absorbed through the intestinal linings directly into the blood stream.Alcohol is water soluble, meaning that it reaches every cell in the body. The most sens ... eople can tolerate one drink per hour. Drinking at the rate of one drink per hour, produces minimal blood alcohol content, (BAC), in a person’s body. Body weight can also influence the effects of ...

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Drunk Driving

re innocent are more likely to die. The law states that your alcohol content can be .8% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). But should that be changed? I think so, because you don't realize that one g ...

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Compose a strategy to minimise either Drink Driving or Driver Fatigue.

gn will be advertised on the radio and also in pubs and clubs at the counter where people buy their alcohol. It will also be on cardboard placemats for cups, which are at pubs and clubs.The intended t ...

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Getting Drunks off the Road

he first increase in the death toll of alcohol-related deaths in five years. Even though a national blood alcohol limit law of .08% was set in 2000, more has to be done in order to keep drunk drivers ...

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effects of alcohol. The effects of alcohol on the human body depend on the amount of alcohol in the blood (blood-alcohol concentration). This varies with the rate of consumption and with the rate at w ... etabolizes alcohol. The higher the alcohol content of the beverage, the more alcohol will enter the bloodstream. The amount and type of food in the stomach also affect the absorption rate; drinking wh ...

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Texas And DWIs

ution. According to Dennis A. Challeen (a district judge) "most drunk drivers fatalities have (BAC) blood alcohol content levels close to .20%. If law makers reduce the level to .08%, hey are simply c ...

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PDHPE Crash Burn Assignment

ies would be effective:Driving while either intoxicated or drunk is dangerous and drivers with high blood alcohol content or concentration are at greatly increased risk of car accidents, highway injur ... happen. Another significant law being introduced to reduce drink driving in Australia was the zero blood alcohol level for young or novice drivers.b) Do you think these laws will work in Australia, o ...

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Alcoholism and the Use of Peer Pressure as a Treatment

al Effects of AlcoholThe short-term physical effects of alcohol abuse can include nausea, vomiting, blood shot eyes, headaches and of course, hangovers. These can be experienced after drinking or whil ... effects of alcohol abuse become worse and more serious. The greater amount of alcohol in a person's bloodstream, the greater the risks.How Alcohol Enters the BodyAfter drinking an alcoholic beverage, ...

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Death by Alcohol

Jopson).Serious binge drinking can lead a person to suffer alcohol poisoning. This happens when the blood alcohol level (the percentage of alcohol circulating in the bloodstream) rises to a harmful po ... (asphyxiation)•DeathDeath from alcohol poisoning usually occurs in one of three ways:•The blood alcohol level reaches such a high level that the depressant effects of the drug slow down the ...

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Alcohol and Driving

they only make up around one seventh of all licensed drivers. This is why restrictions on the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level have been placed upon Learner and Provisional drivers: L and P pl ... matically cause you’re fully out of it.EstimationIt is very difficult to estimate the personal blood level of an individual simply by seeing the amount they drank. The intensity of their intoxica ...

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