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Faith Integration "Gossip"

. As charcoal to embers and as wood to fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife. The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man's inmost parts. Like a coating of glaze o ... s business. What we say, and how we say it, affects more people than any other actions we take.Four of the common speech patterns described in Proverbs are:1. The controlled tongue- Think before speak ...

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Is it Right to Spank Your Child?

Have you ever walked to the front of a store when you hear a child screaming at the top of their lungs because they want something and ... omething like this, "Man, that parent should pick that kid up and swat their butt!" Spanking is one of the most controversial discipline methods. On one side of the debate are parents who believe it i ... ld be disciplined.Another thing my parents would say is that they spanked us because they loved us. Of course, at the time we really didn't think they loved us if they spanked us but here is something ...

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Control Theory of Hapkido

Mental and physical training must be balanced to create a balanced individual. The mental aspect of control has many values. To stand and face an opponent who intends to strike requires calm. The f ... discern the opponent's intentions without giving away his own. He needs to stay relaxed in the face of danger and that is learned behavior: mind and body working together. This is the path to a center ...

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The Analects

us managed to keep his wits about him and in most cases never faltered from his original views. The book was a masterful collection of the beliefs, wisdom, and sayings of Confucius. In many ways it re ... ful collection of the beliefs, wisdom, and sayings of Confucius. In many ways it reminded me of the Book of Proverbs from the Bible in which there are many profound quotes or sayings to live ones life ...

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ny ways, portrays that old soul full of wisdom and this is exemplified no better than by the Wisdom Books. The Wisdom literature found in the Bible is, for the most part, contained in 6 main books: Jo ... es. Ecclesiastes has been dubbed by many as one of the most difficult to read, yet most fascinating books of the Bible. What makes Ecclesiastes such a literary phenomena? Its author, its many modern c ...

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Parental Responsibility Parents are guardians of God’s children and are

Parental Responsibility Parents are guardians of God's children and are to train, educate, and care for them ~ Quote, (1) "We are the guardians of ... ted to our care, and if we do not ourselves pursue a course which will save then from the influence of evil, when we are weighed in the balance we shall be found wanting. FOUND WANTING? ~ Start at the ... found wanting. FOUND WANTING? ~ Start at the beginning. I THINK: it's scary and difficult to think of being a parent in this world the way it is now. There are so many different things to worry about ...

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King Solomon's Business Ideas

consider the Bible useful in the business world. King Solomon helps to change that perspective. The books and verses he contributed to the Bible can be followed as effective tools for business, financ ... very young age. During his time the King is credited with writing three different and inspirational books of the Bible: "Proverbs", "Song of Songs", and "Ecclesiastes". He ruled Israel for nearly fort ...

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Parents Hitting Children Is Wrong

e violence against children.While the "rod" is mentioned many times in the Bible, it is only in the Book of Proverbs that this word is used in connection with parenting. The book of Proverbs is attrib ... cipline outside of Solomon's Proverbs. By contrast, the writings in the Gospels, the most important books in the Bible for Christians, contain the teachings of Jesus Christ, who urged mercy, forgivene ...

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Management By Proverbs

arelliPrinciples of Management - Ba 203 Sec. 3Jesse K. BrockwayFebruary 28, 2011INTRODUCTIONThe one book that stuck out to me was Management by Proverbs because I try to read a Proverb every day and I ... t this would be a good addition to my devotions. I told God that if He wanted me to read a specific book, I wanted Him to provide it. I got back to my room and got on University Yardsale and started l ...

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