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Sir John A. Macdonald.

ba Act, the creation of the North West Mounted Police, the National Policy, and the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Perhaps MacDonald's greatest asset was that he was a visionary. To him, Ca ... brought him Quebec's acceptance. As they knew MacDonald and Cartier would give the French speaking Canadians a voice in parliament.Soon after MacDonald became first minister, it came time for a gener ...

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The evolution of retailing in Canada.

the nation a department store in 1869. Then they published their first catalogue in 1884. When the Canadian Pacific Railway linked British Columbia with the rest of the nation in 1885, large numbers ...

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This is a long extended essay on The Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1800's and its affect on the Political and Social growth of Canada during this time.

The Canadian Pacific Railway as a Catalyst for Political and Social Development in Canada during the 180 ... changed Canada's position in the world. Although direct causes of the building and operation of the Canadian Pacific Railway would have been a stronger economy, both social and political benefits were ... ial and political benefits were generated, which continues to affect Canada until present times.The Canadian Pacific Railway contributed greatly to Canada's development as it provided financial suppor ...

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The Hardships Faced by Jackie Lee

e time there, his cousin returned. He told Jacky about the various opportunities in Canada and that Canadian employers were looking for Chinese men to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. His cousin ... he $50 head tax that all Chinese had to pay upon entering Canada.When he finally got his job at the Canadian Pacific Railway, he realized that the job was far tougher than the one in china and also he ...

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The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and evrything to do with it.

The major factor of the linking of Canada was the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The CPR began in 1880 and was completed in 1885. The significance of ... imes, which was part of MacDonald's National Policy. The USA took this development as a threat. The Canadian Pacific Railway is politically and economically important for developing the status of Cana ... Hudson's Bay Company, Donald Smith who helped raise money in England. This group was under British Canadian control and the offers were reasonable. The CPR had 25 million acres of fertile western lan ...

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A Tragic Day

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Effectiveness Of Unions

ul, they could have fair pay and reasonable working hours.Unfortunately, during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), there was great discrimination within the labour force. There was an ... yers and they represent mainly the blue-collar workers in the workplace. After all these years, the Canadian economy has been changed. The proportion of blue-collar workers is decreasing. Many people ...

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The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, an immense expensive and challenging project, demonstrates the uniqueness ... ong ethnic communities that are still found in the major cities touched by the CPR.Economically the Canadian Pacific Railway is the backbone to Canada. One of the conditions of British Columbia's entr ... o transport the products of their main industries to and from other locales, allowing the different Canadian areas to survive with few industries. Privately owned operations swelled because of the hel ...

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Career Of A Fire Fighter

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Japanese canadians

Japanese Internment of WW2 "They spoke of the Japanese Canadians," Escott Reid, a special assistant at External Affairs, would recall, "in the way that the ... " Just like in that statement, I intend to expose you to the ways that the Japanese were wronged by Canadians throughout the Second World War. As well, I intend to prove what I have stated in my thesi ... nese in Canada were wronged by being torn from their homes to be put into internment camps to serve Canadians through hard labour.The Decision to Uproot Japanese Canadians Within hours of Japa ...

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Louis Riel

man lead such a large scale rebellion. (5) Taking such things in to consideration as the incomplete Canadian Pacific Railway and the current condition of the Western road systems. Which would leave th ... imes Riel suffered from delusions and at one time even for told his own execution well crossing the Canadian border from the U.S. "I see a gallows on top of that hill, and I am swing from it" he said to Montana priest.

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Hungarian Immigration to Canada

Hungarian Immigration to CanadaIt will soon be three decades since Hungarian Canadians celebrated the centenary of their beginnings in Canada. Following the advent of the first ... tenary of their beginnings in Canada. Following the advent of the first Hungarian immigrants in the Canadian West in 1885, the group has sustained many transitions and transformations. It has matured ... and culturally assorted ethnic group found in all walks of life across Canada. In term of numbers, Canadians of Hungarian origin have risen from a few thousand, at the turn of the century, to over 30 ...

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Chinese immigration and integration in Canada

Columbia, as Chinese came more as sojourners for gold and fortune. The second would be the onset of Canadian legislations ostracizing Chinese Canadians, spawned from fear and racial discrimination. Th ... polite to all. (p.17)Another major event that happened around this time was the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). In 1877, John A. MacDonald's government had wanted to construct a ra ...

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