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Cell Phones and Driving

Oklahoma from 1992 - 1995, there is a nine-fold increase in the risk of fatality given the use of a cellular telephoneThe study looked at the association between cellular telephone use and EIGHTEEN ot ... tors and traffic crash risk. Results indicated that talking for more than 50 minutes per month on a cellular phone in a vehicle was associated with a 5.59 fold increased risk of a traffic crash over o ...

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Global Strategy at Motorola

uctors and advanced electronic systems, components and services. Major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, two-way radio, paging and data communications, personal communications, automoti ... d Hitachi struck out, the onslaught caught Motorola unaware. Before the company knew it, Japan-made cellular telephones and pagers were overtaking the Motorola-made devices.Reacting instinctively, Mot ...

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heir pioneering abilities. They operate globally in the area of communications, primarily regarding cellular telephones and networks. Both the external and internal analysis for telephones and network ... l analysis for telephones and networks vary greatly. Currently holding the greatest market share in cellular telephone sales, we focus here on Nokia's cellular telephone division.The purchase of cellu ...

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Idnetity Theft

driver's license number, date of birth, and uses it to open a fraudulent bank account, credit card, cellular telephone, or to obtain false loans.Criminal identity theft, the most common nonfinancial t ...

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Three Indicators

ur industry. The industry we have chosen is the wireless telecommunications industry with regard to cellular phones. We feel these three indicators determine how the product comes into the hands of co ... dustry.Personal IncomePersonal income is defined as the income received as a single individual. The cellular telephone is a very handy and reliable tool. The cellular telephone gives the consumer mobi ...

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The cause of popularity of the cellular phone

�PAGE � �PAGE �1� The cause of popularity of the cellular phoneThe use of cellular phone in the world is growing continuously as time goes by. It's e ... e world is growing continuously as time goes by. It's even hard to find people who do not own their cellular phone. Contrast to 5 years ago, there were few people who carry their cellular phone. The c ... The cellular phones were based on the black and white color and even there were few designs for the cellular phone to choose. People could not imagine the great cellular phone that we have in this per ...

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Mobile Technology: A Trend Defining the Culture of Today

nloadable games. Widespread availability of services has also been important. The features found in cellular telephones are expanding at a rapid rate, and today include large color displays, graphics ... y capable mobile computer; and 3) a phone in a device that is only slightly larger than the average cellular telephone. Many users would prefer to carry one device that does it all.Wireless data is be ...

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