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Nokia is over a century old and during that time they have become known for their pioneering abilities. They operate globally in the area of communications, primarily regarding cellular telephones and networks. Both the external and internal analysis for telephones and networks vary greatly. Currently holding the greatest market share in cellular telephone sales, we focus here on Nokia's cellular telephone division.

The purchase of cellular telephones has grown exponentially over the past few years. More and more users of all ages are using cellular telephones for personal or business use. Nokia's current marketing targets consumers through mass media and business users through sales agents. The structure of pricing, promotion and distribution is based upon regional factors. In Asia and Europe telephones are priced for and sold through retail locations. While in the United States, telephones are sold to network providers who then include telephones as part of a service package.

The cellular telephone market's user base is expected to double in size over the next two years, and the upgrade market continues to expand. The growing market coupled with changes in technology has created fierce competition. Competitors differ by region, but the main aspect of competition is based on technology. Cellular telephones have already progressed from a first generation analog technology to the second generation of digital networks. The third generation is beginning to hit the market and allows for the exchange of data.

Nokia is a strong organization with many resources, yet they must still be concerned with the fast paced changes in technology. The market is comprised of many opportunities to expand and grow, but these possibilities are often coupled with risk.

IV. Introduction Nokia has been constantly reaching out to the innovative possibilities of the future by being a pioneer in mobile telephony. Besides, Nokia is...