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Learning or not

ormous.The passive kind of class usually has a teacher who lectures, puts outlines and terms on the chalkboard, and dispenses information to the students. Like my sophomore biology teacher Mrs. Noguid ...

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Expository Essay, how students can make you think.

alk, pencils and erasers. The teacher's desk had a globe on top, and an American flag hung from the chalkboard. There were many things about Janet D. that I remember, her ability to make us feel like ...

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Business Management and Leadership

ideo, audio, and computer files. Other features include windows for a shared clipboard, notes and a chalkboard. Some desktop videoconferencing systems also offer real-time application sharing. Applica ...

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Essay on my greatest accomplishment.

having a spelling bee. Every student had to stand at the front of the room with his or her own mini chalkboard. When Mrs. Berberich, my teacher, said a word, everyone had to spell it on his or her cha ... d not see the enjoyment in the exercise. In fact, I can distinctly remember drawing dinosaurs on my chalkboard while my teacher explained the rules of the spelling bee. It wasn't until I heard the wor ...

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Why teachers Teach

he first day of school, I walk into the class and suddenly the class gets eerily quiet, I go to the chalkboard and write my name on it, then I turn to the class and say "good morning, welcome to your ...

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Visual Impairment

s and the teacher needs to be aware of signs such as blinking often, squinting while looking at the chalkboard, having an unusual head tilt while reading or red or inflamed eyes. If teachers can ident ... teacher's instructions, explanations, and review of concepts should be done orally. When using the chalkboard the teacher should use bright contrasting colours and give a verbal description of what i ...

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Why Home-school education is better than public education.

s first class. Once he was done, he walked quickly to another room with shelves full of books and a chalkboard. He did not bother changing into different clothes or packing his book bag. As he sat dow ...

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Triple Header: Goosebumps, Ghoul School

y strange and disgusting, for example one of his classmates is Susan who licks many things like the chalkboard, map, and gate poles or Helga who chews on her ruler.At lunchtime Liam gets his food like ...

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Training modalities

m. Many oldtechnologies may also be used to avoid too many adaption's. As a scenario: A traditional chalkboard canbe used, but minor behavioral changes are needed from the instructor to do so. One oth ...

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Hideous by Nature : Analysis of Rosie O'donnell

ts at humor would make anyone want to puke. Her voice has as much appeal to it as finger nails on a chalkboard. Listening to static would be more amusing. She would be much more pleasant if she would ...

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Bibliography of Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons

each "Simpsons" episode. The son, "Bart," is shown at the introduction of every show writing on the chalkboard as punishment. Most of the time, the sentences he is forced to write are used as a tool t ...

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