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Book Title: Triple Header: Goosebumps, Ghoul School Author: R. L. Stine I just finished reading a story from the book Triple Header, Goosebumps. It's called Ghoul School and I thought the book was funny but not scary. The story is about a boy named Liam Erdman who is going to a new school and his classmates are all very strange and disgusting, for example one of his classmates is Susan who licks many things like the chalkboard, map, and gate poles or Helga who chews on her ruler.

At lunchtime Liam gets his food like an ordinary child, he gets a tray, plate, food fork and spoon, and a drink. After that he tries to find a seat where any "normal" children or child is sitting than he finds one table and he sits down and eats but when his classmate from his class come to get some food they stomp right through and getting some food without bothering to get even a plate or tray, they just hold the food in their mouths and hands.

When Liam is eating his other classmates are all fighting over the food and they drop it on the floor and eat the food off the floor like dogs, Liam was disgusted by there sick behavior so he decided to go to the bathroom and when he was walking, Helga, held Liam's arm near her mouth and tried to chew on it but Liam pulled his arm away and raced towards his class. He asked his teacher, Ms Barker, about why are his classmates are acting like monsters than Ms barker tells him the truth about the school, that it's a ghoul school and everyone there are all monsters and than she told him to watch out and don't let the others know that he is not a monster. At recess he doesn't want to go outside because he's afraid that his classmates might do something to him so he begs to his teacher to stay inside but she told him to go outside so afterwards he goes home and thinks about tomorrow.

The next day in the morning when he's going to school Susan, Bernard, and Helga step in front of him and force him to eat some dirt to prove that he is a monster but he doesn't want to so they tell him to transform but than a girl named Marnie steps in and grabs Liam's hand and pulls him away from them than she tells the others that she has seen him transform before but they don't believe her so she says that he only transforms in the full moon and she says to come tomorrow night to see Liam transform. In class Liam gets a note from Marnie to tell him to meet her at her house to talk about tomorrow night so he goes to her house which is a market and they try to find something to make him look like a transformed monster so they find some things and practice to put it on.

At midnight the next day he puts on his things to make him look like a monster but the others are not impressed so they transform and scare Liam to death. Rachael looks like a giant octopus that looks green and Bernard look like a giant disgusting eyeball and Susan looks like one giant tongue than Helga looked like a huge fly and all of them were about to eat Liam than suddenly they all heard a loud siren which was the cops and Liam was relieved so the police killed the monsters and saved Liam. His dad was the chief of P.U.M.S. (Police Undercover Monster Squad) so he knew about the school all along. Liam's friend Marnie came and Liam's dad told him to walk Marnie home so he did and when they got there Marnie saw a fly and ate it than Liam was frightened and he asked her if she is a monster and she said yes and she also told him that she bites.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I might read the rest of the two stories in the book later on.