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David Letterman

ng until high school. 'All I ever knew how to do was to make people laugh. In high school I was the class clown, making fun of everything and everyone.' This personality trait was what gave him his th ... of David's top regrets was never spending a lot of time with his dad. As for his mother, she is the classical conservative mother of the fifties. She was always very hard on Dave when he got into misc ...

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Benito Mussolini.

in Northeastern Italy. When he was in school, he always kept to himself and very quiet. He wasn't a class clown, never cried or rarely laughed. He always sat in the back of the classroom and read a bo ... e back of the classroom and read a book. He rather do that than play with the other children in his class. He got kicked out his first boarding school. When he was growing up he was surrounded by many ...

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Bill Cosby.

ime when he was very young and he had to get a job to help support the family. In school he was the class clown and was sent to a special school for rowdy boys. In his new school his teacher was Mary ... was slightly a target of biggotous remarks he went back to getting attention by clowning around in class again. He was later sent to Germantown Highschool where all his neighborhood friends went. He ...

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k and was born on September 9th, 1966. While this probably doesn't come as a surprise, Adam was the class clown throughout high school. What was surprising is that Adam never realized how useful his s ...

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No Respect For Teachers

mes are most likely to give teachers a hard time. They tend to interrupt the teacher and act like a class clown. These students are always the ones to be spoken to after class. When the student and te ... they get too interested with their outside worlds other than education. They are tempted to talk in class, or may even skip classes, which disrespects the teachers.Some teachers don't have strict rule ...

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Adam sandler.

played junior varsity basketball and was partof a very amateur rock band and he was, of course, theclass clown. There was something about Adam that made himwant to be a comedian in his life when he w ... ewould always watch television and movies. That might have abig part on his humor. Everybody in his class knew thatAdam was somebody special. He could make anybody laughwhenever he wanted to, even whe ...

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Me as a Student

ould have just stayed the way I was in high school. College is different, there's no popular man or class clown or in my case all my friends went to another school so, I have no one to talk to here at ... I have no one to talk to here at Fullerton College. Why am I working so hard now and not being the class clown? I want to succeed in life and I want to do it now, so I don't plan on wasting my time t ...

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ople to meet.Outgoing girl looking for fun and sun, Tanning on the beach and more to come.The class clown looking for pretty girls, They reject him for guys that can do more curls."Take the h ...

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Atention defficit disorder

. There are only a limited number of ADD children who can't sit still at all.ADD kids try to be the class clown when they are really quite clever. Attention Deficit Disorder children are also forgetfu ... died just last night for today's biology test.Even though ADD kids IQ can be the same as his or her classmates the child's academic performance will be inexplicably uneven. Most ADD children want to d ...

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Tom Sawyer Character Overview

ing irresponsible. Tom would also play hooky from time to time. He was more or less considered the "class clown". He once stole jam from his own aunt, which was an example of how he had no regards to ...

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Tears Behind the Smiles of a Class Clown

afford to give a simple smile. I think and thank one of the most wonderful person in the world. The class clowns.I noticed their miracles when I was in grade four. I had this classmate and friend name ... ster on the other hand doesn't seem to care and put herself into different vices.The fact about out class clown put me into deep thought. Why I didn't notice the tears behind his funny, cheerful face? ...

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Tomorrow When the War Began, Written by John Marsden

, the tomboy who makes the first kill only to discover she's not as hard as she thought. Homer, the class clown who turns into a serious tactician. Fi, the graceful ballerina who finds enough inner st ...

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