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An Individual's Perspective on Democracy.

the people. However the system is not perfect. Democracy in essence is a problematic notion in its conceptualization and application, but nonetheless holds key elements intrinsic in successful govern ...

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The Bigger Problem Describes black subjectivity in the urban north through two texts

What does Richard Wright's depiction of Bigger Thomas suggest about his conceptualization of black subjectivity in the urban North, and to what extent does it depart from t ...

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"The boundaries in the enlargement of Europe" Cultural, geo-political, institutional/legal boundaries that are shifting in the enlargement process of European Union

tegories of boundaries formulated by Smith are sometimes overlapping, they may be useful to analyze conceptualization of boundaries across Europe."The geopolitical boundary refers to the fact that geo ...

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"Civil society: a critical view on liberal civil society"

bits of free assembly, noncoercive dialogue, and socioeconomic initiative.A problematic area is the conceptualization of the term of civil society. The general term of liberal civil society has linked ... corporate the notion of civil society into political and social theory. Very briefly In addition to conceptualization of liberals that differentiates state and civil society, critical theory adds econ ...

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Historical Foundation of Psychology.

ations. Moreover, since there are many cultures in the world that do not subscribe to this European conceptualization of existence, it is obvious that without that basis modern, scientific psychology ... Kuple, Mach, and Avenarius, the later three went way beyond Wundt in their structural, reductionist conceptualization of psychology, as did Tichener himself. It is probably just due to the sheer influ ...

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Feminist Ideals in Latin American literature and history

y and ultimately alienating. Unlike the American feminine mystique, which was a media creation, the conceptualization of women in Latin American culture is one that is deeply engrained in the consciou ...

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What is an Evaluation Anyway?

3) define evaluation as "the systematic application of social research procedures for assessing the conceptualization, design, implementation, and utility of ... programs." There are many other simila ...

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New Dimensions in Privacy: Spatial Privacy in the Geographic Information Age

New Dimensions in Privacy:Spatial Privacy in the Geographic Information AgeAbstract:The conceptualization of privacy as a right in the United States has most decidedly been an evolutionary ... r connotation is misleading. One needs to remember that neither the dynamics of information nor the conceptualization of privacy (spatial or otherwise) is simple. This interaction does not represent ...

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Andy Session's "The Shadow People" - Human Existence is Pointless

s a fundamental entity of our lives. Thus, these two notions further lead Andy Sessions towards the conceptualization that the human existence is a torpid and pointless. Andy Sessions intriguing poem, ...

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Discuss the idea of the flaneuse as an image of contemporary urban femininity.

ly debatable correlation is deemed problematic for many feminists and theorists. In particular, the conceptualization and evolution of the flaneuse from the flaneur has not yet been reconciled to this ...

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Why Be Critical?

be related to the justification of critical thinking. The first issue is whether or not the common conceptualization of critical thinking as a dispositional trait possessed and displayed by the criti ...

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Marx and Alienation

dern worker to the exploitative social institution of capitalisms, still nearly a century after its conceptualization have a profound impact in the modern world. Marx believed that the more a society ...

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This is a critical analysis paper used in an Abnormal Psychology class that advocates for giving suicidal patients life-sustaining treatment.

f starvation is competent to refuse treatment is not rational. Experts on anorexics have noted that conceptualization, perceptions, and decision making abilities can be interfered by self-starvation ( ...

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Online Games As Marketing Tool

eters a tool to divide given markets into more homogeneous subgroups. The early 1960s witnessed the conceptualization of the marketing mix with its "4Ps" of marketing (product, price, promotion, and p ...

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Religious Belief and Skeptical Responses

to claim that the skeptics first conception of a God cannot be a God at all but in fact an inferior conceptualization. This idea is explained metaphorically by Descartes when he claims that "there is ...

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Social Exclusion

a negative impact on the well-being of the concerned population, and is regarded as an alternative conceptualization of poverty. Social exclusion has four dimensions: economic, political, social rela ...

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Modern American Woman

cted in the characteristics of women. It is only through the study of their characteristics, that a conceptualization of the American woman can be achieved; therefore, a modern American woman can be a ...

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Christianity and the Cubiculum : Spiritual Politics and Domestic Space in Late Antique Rome

audienceѕ. After a brief delineation of claѕѕical, biblical, and patriѕtic conceptualizationѕ of the cubiculum aѕ a ѕecret ѕpace aѕ well aѕ ... luenceѕ, and aѕ the place where one would moѕt likely encounter the divine. Their conceptualization of the cubiculum aѕ a ѕpace of refuge and intimacy with God waѕ ...

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Transnational Postcolonial Feminist Theorizing

sses and practices engaged by feminist scholars and activists in the context of globalization. As a conceptualization, it takes its name from First/Third World and postcolonial feminist theorizing reg ... tionships formed at the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nation. This conceptualization intends to recognize differences among populations of women while articulating com ...

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